Examples of my recent work as Director of Photography.


100 years together

2017, ArtBox (in production)



2017, LMTA



2017 Fralita films, Ulvyds


Holy Cow

2014. Ulvyds, Litl Baz Pictures


Lost Valentine

2014. Litl Baz Pictures.


Single Valentine

2013. Litl Baz Pictures


Timelapse, travel video and short movies

Indian Summer

Indian Summer

Indian Summer - music video

Carsten Lindholm - Henderson


Henderson - music video

Storm in Himalaya

India Timelapse

India timelapse video

Lama dance at Benchen monastery, Kathmandu Nepal

Masked dance

Masked Lama dance at Benchen monastery Kathmandu Nepal.

Boudha, Kathmandu, Nepal


Bus to Nowhere

Darjeeling in Clouds timelapse

5 elements

Tadas Blinda Begining trailer

Tadas Blinda Begining trailer

Aloobari gompa, Darjeeling, India

Aloobari Gompa

flea festival timelapse

Flea Festival